Preferred Future is an experienced, qualified and friendly skills development and executive coaching company. Since our inception in 2013, our mission has been to provide our clients with the highest quality of skills development and executive leadership coaching programmes that harness human potential and make a lasting difference to the way people live and work.

Our clients include many blue-chip private companies, healthcare providers and academic institutions. We partner with our clients to ensure our programmes are personalised to their needs and deliver measurable, positive and lasting impact.

Reg Friddle is Head of Skills Development & Executive Coaching. He and the team at Preferred Future are qualified and experienced trainers and executive coaches.


Preferred Future collaborates with clients to identify their leadership, management and skills development needs. We then use our experience and expertise to design customised and personalised skills improvement, leadership and performance enhancement programmes that achieve tangible results.

We use high-quality and well-tested methods and materials. We continually add to this content, refining and enhancing it through our research and delivery. Alongside our customised approach, we use industry-leading psychometric instruments MBTI and Insights Discovery, with 360 degree feedback to help clients raise their self-awareness and focus on their most important development areas.

We measure success when we achieve excellent feedback and repeat business from clients who have experienced positive results as a direct consequence of working with us.

Working with us
We offer a FREE consultation with Reg Friddle, our Head of Skills Development & Executive Coaching. During this session, we will explore your needs and your goals in more detail and help tailor a solution to harness the potential and performance of yourself and your staff.