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Complete my FREE Management Audit Scorecard and receive your report instantly >>

Complete my FREE Management Audit Scorecard and receive your report instantly >>

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You struggle to find, train and retain the right staff.
  • You invest time, money and energy in your people only to see them leave for another opportunity or to a competitor.
  • You feel frustrated at the time needed to get your team members to the standard of skill and competence you’d like them to be?
  • You are burning out with repetitive team underperformance.
  • You’re micro-managing instead of doing more rewarding work.
  • You need to develop yourself for your next career move.

Most people managers struggle with these questions. You are not alone, and we are here to help. We don’t just deliver training, we are committed to you.

Imagine how you would feel if…

  • You could trust your team to deliver high performance and results all the time. (A totally accountable team who take ownership for delivering excellence everyday)
  • You were less stressed out and anxious about the work your team is doing or the results they are achieving? (You experienced consistently lower levels of pressure and stress)
  • You freed up your time to work on high-value tasks instead of micro-managing crisis after crisis (Swapping mundane, repetitive tasks for engaging new projects)

You can read more about me and Preferred Future Skills Academy in the ‘About’ section.

I’ve been working with companies and government bodies for over 20 years, developing leadership and enabling managers to deliver high performance.

Most people managers struggle with managing others – and managing themselves.

If this is you, you are not alone, Myself and my team are here to help. We don’t just deliver training and coaching, we are committed to your success.

It is possible to be a successful manager, leading a high performing team and delivering consistent results.

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How To Work With Me

You can save time, save energy and get the high-performing team you deserve when you go through our programs. Our Becoming a High-Performing Manager (without the stress) online training modules will help you learn the skills you need to confidently manage your team for lasting high performance. If you want to chat about in-person programs, contact me using the button below.


This includes an overview
of management skills, why learning
management is so important right now
and how to identify your level and skill
pathway that you need to prioritise.


Choose from our suite of management skills development programs. There is an order you can follow or pick the course that fits your priorities.


Put your learnings from our interactive
and practical courses into action and start
to see improvements in your confidence
and the impact of your management style
on your team and stakeholders.

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“The content of the course was relevant and concise with a really easy to follow flow. The online experience was excellent, I could get through parts of the course as time allowed, and return to where I left off to continue right where I left off. My level of understanding on the topic has been greatly enhanced and I have managed to use the learnings day to day in my work. I would highly recommend this course! Thank you Reg”

Andrea Meyer
Group Business Administrator, Microsoft

“I highly recommend Reg and his Leadership & Management Development Training programme. I thoroughly enjoyed the training which provided me with great insights into my own levels of self awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence in enhancing the effectiveness of my leadership skills. A focus on effective communication & conflict resolution helped to give me fresh perspective on best practices in these area and gave me practical takeaways I could put to use straightaway. I believe this training had elevated my management competencies and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to refine or refocus their leadership skills.”

Aisling Maher
Marketing & Strategy Manager, Woodford Dolmen Hotel

“I can confidently say that Reg is an invaluable asset to our company. Regs’ ability to tailor the training programs to our company’s unique culture sets him apart from others in the industry. Reg consistently delivers exceptional results that have positively impacted our team’s growth and overall performance for many years. His approach is not only insightful and effective but also engaging and inspiring, making each session a transformative experience.”

Lucie Dowling
Operations Director, The Pembroke Hotel and Mint Spa