You don’t have to put up with burning yourself out, wasting time and tackling under- performance in your team. Frustration, micro-management and fire-fighting from one crisis to the next doesn’t have to be on your to-do list every day. Being a high performing manager is within your reach.

Hi, I’m Reg. I’m glad you’re here to find out a little more about me and the work do. I help hotel managers (and managers in other sectors too) to improve their management skills and confidence so they can achieve high performance from themselves and their teams. without
struggle or stress.

My core values direct everything I do: I provide the highest quality of skills development and coaching programs that harness human potential and make a lasting difference to the way people live and work.

I help managers, often hotel managers, by providing them with a roadmap to manage their teams effectively. Then help them navigate that map, covering the most important milestones.

Along the way, managers learn the skills and confidence to enable them to be high-performing people managers without the stress that usually comes with that role.

Most people probably agree that leading and managing others can be a lonely road to travel.

Do you want some help with that?

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A little bit of background

I set up Preferred Future Skills Academy in 2013 in Kilkenny, Ireland. This was after spending many years in the world of learning and corporate training across public, private, and government sectors.

I become involved in management and leadership skills development and coaching because I saw the value of learning and how it could transform people’s lives. I wanted to put my years of experience and hard-earned qualifications to use with the goal of helping people to release their potential by enhancing their learning and developing their capabilities.

This has always been at the core of every job I’ve ever had.

Through a lot of professional development in 6 universities and several professional bodies I have gained a level of expertise in the topics of management and leadership skills. I’ve worked as a people manager and as part of teams too. I know the struggles that managers face.

I can help you reduce stress, use your time wisely, boost your performance and the performance of your team to help you achieve the rewards and recognition your efforts deserve.

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain a little more about how I’m going to help you achieve that.

What you do is really needed

There is a huge need for people performance management skills in the hotel industry (and every industry). Most people have never been led or managed by a good manager, let alone a great one. However, the skills and attitudes needed to be a great people manager are all learnable.

The key to learning these skills lies in how they are taught and the quality of the management training they receive. I’ve designed and delivered hundreds of leadership, management and coaching sessions and I have learned that engaging, practical and implementable tools and techniques, delivered in fun and accessible ways, offer a fast-track to skills development and performance improvement. It’s this method that | use in all my programs, whether online/ e- learning or in-person.

Clients include Microsoft, Diageo, Glanbia, AB, BOI, Merck, HSBC as well as the public and government sectors.

Through my work with hotels across Ireland, I have learned a lot about the industry, its challenges and its potential. I’ve become specialised in the hotel and hospitality sector and work with over 100 hotel managers. I am focusing my management skills programs, on helping hotel managers at all levels to improve their management and people skills. My programs aim to help you to avoid burnout, stop wasting time, boost your performance and the performance of your team and help you achieve the rewards and recognition your efforts deserve. 

I’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together.

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